ALVO Mobile clinic to support Infectious Diseases Hospital in Poznan


Today, ALVO mobile ambulatory unit sets off to the rescue to infectious diseases hospital in Poznan.

According to experts, before vaccination against COVID-19 becomes available and societies generate adequate level of immunity, long-term strategies to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus should be considered. This includes the anticipated situation of isolation and treatment of patients in other than hospital settings.

In order to respond to these needs, ALVO presents two solutions:

  1. Mobile ambulatory or container isolation units - fully equipped, self-sufficient patient rooms, with medical and technical facilities, which can be freely combined in functional hospital complexes, infectious diseases wards. Independent or attached to the already existing hospital infrastructure. The highest level of safety for staff and patients is assured due to controlled room conditions. The air is cooled or heated depending on the required temperature.
  2. Temporary Isolation Tiers (Intensive Care Units)- a modular solution for rapid implementation in adapted environment (sports halls, congress centers). The self-supporting facility arrives at the site ready to be set up, with a built-in medical gas system, technical connections, and a nurse call system. The basic option is based on the lightweight construction of the 3-wall system with a hygienic curtain. It is also possible to provide a closed stand with doors made of aluminum. This solution allows further modernization and expansion (it is possible to add a ceiling, carpet and ventilation system).

The urgent situation caused by the coronavirus may require immediate action and best practices.

Unfortunately, we have recently observed attempts to use fast and cheap concepts for modular prototypes of infectious diseases hospitals or isolation rooms, very often based on crowdfunding, to play on emotions caused by fear of an epidemic. I would recommend caution.

What counts here is the experience and good knowledge of technology. It's all about the safety and life of patients - says Dr. Tadeusz Olszewski, the owner of Alvo Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

The Alvo company offers mobile hospital wards in the long-term rental model.

In 2019, ALVO delivered 2 fully equipped hospital complexes, 48-bed to the government of one of the countries in East Asia.

The mobile ambulatory Alvo has let for the Poznan community free of charge. The company's mission is:
"We exist to provide better healing conditions. For everybody. Everywhere in the world”.


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