ALVO Ultra® V-bot


In order to enable precise execution of hygiene plans in hospitals and other public places, ALVO Medical is launching an advanced UV-C disinfection robot ALVO Ultra® V-bot. The device has been designed in cooperation with polish technology partners WObit oraz LUXIONA.

ALVO Ultra® V-bot ensures high-class decontamination process, facilitating and monitoring cleaning and disinfection procedures. ALVO Ultra® V-bot uses UV-C light technology, which damages the nucleid acid bonds (DNA) of dangerous pathogens, including the novel virus SARS-CoV- 2.

The decontamination is controlled remotely, so the cleaning personnel is never exposed to direct contact with pathogens, detergents and ultraviolet light.

ALVO Ultra® V-bot will be available to order: October, 19th 2020.

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